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HackAppleton's Schedule, Theme, and SignUp is OUT NOW!

It’s the moment everyone has been waiting for! The official schedule, event sign-up, and HackAppleton themes have been released! Below you will find a link to a pdf that has the schedule and themes as well as a link to the google form signup. Please remember that the event is fully online. It will be live-streamed, and community events will be conducted through Zoom (or a similar platform). Please note that the themes released are not the prompts. They are two general paths to which you can choose to compete during this hackathon, but you should not being coding until the prompts are released on September 10. Once the prompts are released, you may code on your own time for the two weeks leading up to September 24, when the coding period stops and more fun events will occur! Additionally, please fill out the sign-up to the best of your ability. This is to let us know who will compete, so please share with your friends and be appropriate! The deadline for signing up is September 9, so please have it done by then!

Not in our Discord yet? What're you waiting for? Join here for all the details on HackAppleton:

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