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World Environment Day

Happy World Environment Day!

There is only one world, but so many different countries and issues. Around the world, so many teenagers are working to make the world a better place for themselves and everyone around them.

11-year-old, Ryan Hickman, raised awareness for recycling and started Project3R, a nonprofit organization that will teach about recycling awareness around the world. Ryan has been working toward this goal since the mere age of three.

Aman Sharma from India launched a campaign to demand action on the rocketing temperatures. Even though he faced many hurdles, he managed to get over 370,00 signatures on the petition. He co-founded the ‘All In for Climate Action’ Initiative.

Ecuadorian, Helena Gualinga, has taken the role as the spokesperson for the Sarayuku indigenous community. She works to educate people about the harms of oil companies. She co-founded Polluters Out, an organization that demands the denial of funding from fossil fuel companies.

You can learn more about these amazing people at

You make the biggest difference with the smallest things, stay calm and recycle on!

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